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My friend Mia


She writes poems and stories, she is brave and wonderful


A single beer was all
It took the throbs set in.
Pounding headache.

Gender is not sexuality
Paranoid community
Leaders hide behind a finger.

It is always, always nice
To meet old friends after
Moments of idle asides

Perhaps I should pipe Down in insipid isolation.
Barking, backing up

Not wanting out, stay put
Ride the tidal wave of
Vituperative avallanches

Run, run, run for dear life
Isn’t that trying to out Run 1’s capable shadow?

She who lives by chatter
Dies the selfsame way
As the sword bearer does

But for me, Osun
Protects indefatigably.
There’s no more running.

Anonymity has become
Me. Attachments are tags
Of communal coersion.

Fear rules, fear prowls &
Closest neighbours count
On its selfish continuity.

Be4 u say “I don’t know”
Your directorships, think
What peril u do us “T”.

Mia Nikasimo (c) June ’09

I dont hate bigots, I’m just sad that I know some who I thought would know better – its a disappointment of the heart really!