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Gifts of peace and words of kindness

Early morning in a quiet peaceful place

Early morning in a quiet peaceful place


Some friends come and go. The older you get the more people pass through your life and you wonder what happened, where did they go?  But some friendships have staying power. My longest friendship is 37 years. She lives in Lagos and I live, well wherever I live. We don’t see each other much but I always stay with her when in Lagos [last time was 2011] and we visit if we happen to be in London at the same time.

Fufu Banan is a newer and much younger friend dating back to London in 2007/8. Fufu posted this on Facebook and I felt I should share it and my deep appreciation for theses words in my name.

Sokari has been with me through homelessness in California, homelessness in London, broken ribs in mountains in NY state, crazy Jesus doctors who eat carrots from Jerusalem in Brooklyn. Ah, and all these years sending me books and films to remind me that I had a greater purpose than my circumstances. She also allowed me to keep writing on her blog while I was homeless. It gave me purpose. I never ever forget such kindness. Even in Morocco, Sokari was making sure I had a place to sleep in Marrakech. I am deeply grateful.