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Death by a Thousand Cuts #Video #Haiti #DR

Death by a Thousand Cuts, The Charcoal Dilemma in Haiti.

A park-ranger’s brutal murder opens the way for a journey into the depths of the illegal charcoal trade in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. A tangled web of desperation, maneuvering and corruption worthy of a crime novel, exposes the truth behind the rampant deforestation it leaves in its trail.

Directed by: Juan Mejia & Jake Kheel
Produced by: Ben Selkow & Jake Kheel

The contrast #HaitiThe #Charcoal industry is $7 Million dollar income per year.The poor are being the face of the industry. In this video, the narrator wants you believe the charcoal industry only benefiting the poor. Charcoal is Haiti largest source energy for cooking.90% of Haitian in Haiti depend on Charcoal for energy cooking The Charcoal Dilemma #Haiti Joanel est un marchand de charbon dans un marché à Delmas.Le documentaire raconte ses journees, un peu de sa vie et de ses espoirs en tant que commerçant et père de famille.

Posted by Haiti Visuelle on Friday, 31 July 2015