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Shadows are places to hide, to be silent but not to act silently. Shadows are spaces to watch from. From the darkness.

“They” say, Behind the darkness is a bright light well check this out for brightness.

A mother dropped her new born off at a church. Apparently its not uncommon for mothers to abandon their newborns but we are not told the backstory of being uncared for and so alone or how inaccessible are safe abortions for those who need.    This is 21st Century America where its easier to buy a gun than get an abortion and where defenders of killing machines deny women the choice to not have a child but feel its ok for a cop to drive up to a 10 year old and shoot them dead!

The church named the baby ‘Jesus’ and people rushed to adopt him.  He was white which will be written as a different story to the one where the baby is Black. A Black baby – could they be Jesus too?