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Spiritual Breathing

I recently sat down with Kagendo Murungi to discuss my photo documentary on Haitian Vodoun Spirit Desire: – Resistance, Imagination and Sacred Memories in Haitian Vodoun.  Kagendo filmed the conversation and we now have 5 clips which are part of my fundraising campaign for the documentary [Would be great if you can support this, small amounts are welcome too!].  Below are the first two clips: Intimate Worlds and Beginnings.

“For me, what voudoun means is a bringing together of different worlds… the natural world, the world of plants, non-human animal life, human.. It’s a kind of inter-world relationship, it’s connected to the cosmic world, the natural world, the human world, and also the world of the gods and spirits and the ancestral world… What I’ve tried to do with my photography is counter the negative stereotypes [of voudoun]. What I try to show is a… spiritual breathing, there’s a freedom within those photographs, there’s an intimacy that to me is very beautiful, that is not gendered. … For me, the fact that you can have an amount of freedom, whether it’s five minutes or five hours or five days is something that needs to be celebrated. And that’s something that I try to show in these photographs.

Spirit Desire: Intimate Worlds from Kagendo Murungi on Vimeo.

Spirit Desire: Beginnings from Kagendo Murungi on Vimeo.