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Proudly Trans in Turkey

Portrait: Ebru Kırancı by Gabrielle Le Roux
quote: “Hayatı seviyoruz, Bizi öldürmeyin” – “We love life, Dont kill us”

Proudly Transgender in Turkey is a social justice project and cultural intervention designed by South African artist Gabrielle Le Roux. The aim of the project is to draw attention to the human rights violations faced by transgender people and transgender activists in Turkey. The project is a collaboration between Gabrielle Le Roux, Amnesty Turkey, and two Turkish trans orgs LGBTT Istanbul and Pembe Hayat. It includes portraits and interviews with participants some of which are presented in the video below.

As in many other parts in the world, transgender, intersex and gender variant people in Turkey face high levels of discrimination and violence. In 2010 the number of hate crimes rose and Turkey had a striking number in trans murders. Meanwhile a strong trans movement is emerging with courageous activists putting their lives on the line. These are the people who have chosen to collaborate with South African artist and activist for social justice, Gabrielle Le Roux, in the creation of the multimedia exhibition “Proudly Transgender in Turkey”.

“Proudly Transgender in Turkey” is a project of portraits and stories. The portraits are drawn from life by Gabrielle Le Roux, and each person writes directly onto their own portrait whatever they wish to say.

The participants in this cultural intervention want their faces to be seen and their voices heard around the world.

The Proudly Trans in Turkey portraits

Proudly Trans in Turkey Video Playlist 


The project opened in Istanbul on the 11th November 2011 and in Ankara on