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2016 is proving to be an exciting year for me and journey into photography.  My GoFundMe campaign ‘Spirit Desire‘ has so far raised $3,600 in just over 6 weeks. However, I still need another $1,400 to reach my goal of $5,000 so please consider donating no matter how small, I appreciate every dollar.  My fellow warrior and sister friend, Kagendo Murungi has created a series of video clips from a conversation we had last April and can be watched on Vimeo.  We hope to have the full conversation on video and transcribed by the end of June.

All exhibitions and promotions are from the Spirit Desire series on Haitian Vodoun and here I acknowledge and give thanks to the guidance and strength of my ancestors and ‘MET TET‘ who together  have been part of my circular journey from my home in the Niger Delta across the BLACK WATERS to Haiti and and back home again.   Without their presence and their integration into my life, I would not have become a photographer and none of this would be happening.

In thinking about my work, particularly Spirit Desire  – which to date is the totality of my photographic endeavor, I think of a quote from  ‘Fugivity’ as presented by Keguro Macharia, [here I must also acknowledge and give thanks and praises that he exists].  When I think of Vodoun / Vodou my mind swirls in all directions, in nooks and crannies, up there, down below, mirrors of being, between and beyond all of which reminded me of this quote from Keguro….He may or may not have meant it as I have read it and Vodoun was very much part of ‘war and freedom’ of African people in Hait. Nonetheless I imagine this…..

Fugitivity is time-distorting, multiplying and erasing, making legion and invisible: the time of growing and harvesting, the time of gathering and watching, the time of rescue and hibernation. The time of remembering hidden granaries: not the time of war and freedom, but the time under, around, between, in the cracks, in the breaks, in the life-making, life-sustaining afters-and-during. Breaking temporal bounds with out-of-season memories and stories, the precise way to collect wild herbs. And the smell of ready.

Starting with the McKenna Museum of African American Art | New Orleans.   Each week the McKenna Museum will feature a Black artist on their social media pages (FB, Instagram,Twitter) and their website from around the world!  I will be the featured artist from Monday May 30th – Friday June 3rd.  For more see here and here 

In September I will be one of the featured artists at the Black Feminism Forum / AWID Forum, as part of the  BLACK CANVAS : REVERBERATIONS OF FREEDOM-Salvador, Bahia.  Please consider supporting the Black Canvas fundraiser here

In October I will exhibit  photographs from the ‘Spirit Desire‘ series at the 4th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography festival which will be part of the European Month of Photography that this year is happening  in Berlin.

I am hoping for a couple more exhibitions / events and will announce these when and if they happen.