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When We Free – Black Feminist Artist Retreat at Anguilla

Between the 15th and 23rd May 2016 four Black Queer Feminists came together on the island of Anguilla to practice healing, loving, reflecting, sharing and speculating on future possibilities of growth and ways of living.  During the retreat we engaged in what we have termed “a new speculative discourse’  ‘ORRL’  [short for Occupy Right Relationship to Love] drawn from Alexis De Veaux’s expression of commitment to family and art as  affirmation and resistance

“When we invest in each other’s art forms, each other’s dreams, we invest in a right relationship to love”

Alexis Pauline Gumbs,  Alexis De Veaux,  Sokari Ekine and Sangodare Julia Roxanne Wallace each presented their work on fiction, music and photography.    By the speculative we mean, imaginings and possibilities for a Black Future and ways of living that incorporate the many worlds and dimensions we inhabit.  In the context of my photography, I ask that we consider becoming the possibility in our relationship to each other, to the plant an animal world and the world of spirits.



When WE Free is a fiction film about a recently freed black community’s first camp meeting after emancipation. This revival takes place on a camp site and draws people from near and far all searching for one thing or another. In particular, they search for balance between the spiritual traditions they have brought across the Atlantic and those learned in the New World while in bondage.



To support the film produced and directed by Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Sangodare Julia Wallace, visit their GoFundMe campaign