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This is the story my grandfather told

Alexis De Veaux: the third in the series transformation of silence into action whether through speech, words, images or performance

This is the story my grandfather told
This is not the story my grandfather told
Memoir: New Orleans it was called that world.
We were left there to work and work and work, and be broken.
Until came a day, and they said go, you free. It was said some could
fly, those orisha. There was a boat and we sail for our world.
We did not fear water daughter. A canoe is not ships. And the
water was, water was
Returning, some saw Yemaja she cry waves. And there came a
great storm. A great storm.
Some of our people fell inside Yemaja. Some swam because
Yemaja let them ride she. To the nearest shore.
This is what you must remember
you is from Bahama
you is from Ayiti
you is from Cooba
you is from Barbaduhs
you is from there here.

He did not say this is true. He said, remember this daughter

From Yabo by Alexis De Veaux

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