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Haiti, Words

Trippin the Heartbeat

I told my lover
You too are my lover
You once embraced me
With your trees
That whisper together
With humming birds
A presence
A sensual presence
We made love everyday
You wooed and flirted
With me
Drawing me in
With your mysteries
And mountains
Of promises
Of Something
Drums of Dancing
But then
You told me it was over
Killed my friend
Canceled my plans
Crashed my car
Stole my phone
Stole my friends wallet
Lost my watch
Cheated me
Tired me out
Tricksters abound
Dishonest lives that have no direction
Immediate gratification
These are nothing
Leave now

August 8 2016

All images & text copyright Sokari Ekine 2016 [Click on images to enlarge]