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Story: After the Doctors Appointment – Poem


Mia Nikasimo


Story – After the Doctors Appointment

Ouch! Stop, stop! That’s the wrong orifice, stop!
No means no! What universe does “no” mean “yes”?
You like what I’m doing so yes the green light given
Stop there; rectal remember not vaginal, alright?
What do have, have down there? Penis or vagina?
Why must I either way cough up an explanation?
Why all these profound social ditties held onto?
A vagina and still non binary. You weren’t asking
Why did the Fern ask Shrubbery for a bit more
Leg space? I had my hedges trimmed ever since?
As if plants owed each other disclosures on end.
Vagina! The issue of a penis; that’s another story.
How many more explaining need I offer endlessly?
Once I claimed the heat Fatima & Jose’s daring do.
Someone had written on the back door selfsame:
Penis X vagina equals procreate; how intriguing!
I thought. Had the daring do couple written it?
Whom was I covering for? Why, was I so nostalgic so?
When did Jose go from grooming to sexing? I was
Only ten or eleven; so was Fatima. What did I know?
The curious spillage, the multiplying of organs
How could this always mean procreate of old, how?
Words held me in an inescapable spell. What was
Doctor dear’s explanation? Vagina or penis? The
Words still rode my mind’s ear as ever, as always:
People always will after you close or from afar…
What do you have downstairs: vagina or penis?
A vagina! The penis was donated for AIDS research!
How would he feel had I asked nether quests of him?
A smile was all I could offer. That’s a different story.


Mia Nikasimo © September 2017