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Black Queer Folk Make Magic .

“Haven’t we loved and lost?  Haven’t we been here and been queer?”

In 2013, though black men loving black men is still a revolutionary act it also remains a dangerous act.  There is no freedom without revolution and no revolution without danger. Danger in belonging to yourself. And we will not hide. We grieve those black gay men whose lives were ripped from us, violently, for there is no revolution without consequence.”  from Black Gay Genius: Answering Joseph Beam’s Call


Steven Fullwood is an archivist and queer activist.  In 1999 whilst working at the Schomburg in New York, he founded the Black Gay & Lesbian Archive ” In The Life Archive” named  in honor of Joe Beam, editor of “In The Life: A Black Anthology“.   Steven along with Charles Stephens is editor  of Black Gay Genius: Answering Joseph Beam’s Call” 


“Black queer folk make magic. Not the kind capitalism promises and lies about, but transcendent, sparkling, fingertips-softly-touching your cheek magic. Behind the expression, talent and insights this funky energy thrives on its own cosmic terms. This amorphous thing I speak of breathes generations in the literal and creative sense. For each time a black queer body asserts itself, its sparkling lips speak of a new coming because it’s already here. Show up” Steven Fullwood,

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