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Dance of Salt – Ayiti

Lost imagination. This is the scariest thing that has happened to me, scarier than cancer. It’s death

I thought I had lost my imagination then I found it because I read this and I breathed

“One of the most powerful modes of black belonging is metaphorized in the body’s sway under spirit possession”.  [ Nadia Ellis ‘Territories of the Soul’]

Ayiti. It was here that I encountered Africa and its connection to the Atlantic. Like a piece of elastic which you can pull and it shoots back to the starting  place. Here I encountered what I had imagined when those ancestors were forced from their homes and families. I saw them in Ayiti and I knew who they were immediately.  And it shocked me into temporary silence because  for the first time I became face to face with our enslaved and colonized past. With the brutality of whiteness and the betrayal of the native informers who sold the the souls of their mothers and fathers.   Here I witnessed our history of resistance.  Here I found our belief systems.  They crossed the water in pain. Then they made a revolution. The land became theirs. Forever. A land of mountains and salt.

“Mountains of Salt” . © Sokari Ekine, 2018