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Spirit Desire: Photo Book 2018

For the past 18 months I have been working on producing my first photo book on Haitian Vodoun.    I began my  journey  as a documentary photographer in 2013, six years after my initial encounter with Vodou.  I doubt the journey would have been possible without the presence of  my Lwa met tet  and my commitment as an initiate and sèvitè .  I celebrate and honour all the Lwa  for their living presence, direction and revolutionary love.

Spirit Desire: – Resistance, Imagination and Sacred Memories in Haitian Vodoun”,  is a celebration of Haitian Vodoun as a site of resistance, decolonization and community. The series which includes images of everyday living, ritual and ceremony, aims to shift the gaze from representations that depict Vodoun as negative and instead present a decolonizing narrative: one in which voduiz?? engage with a consciousness and spirituality that celebrates our humanity rather than focusing on a set of prescribed normative identities.

The print edition of ‘Spirit Desire’ can be viewed and purchased from .   Alternatively, especially for those outside of the US,  the print edition,  the Ebook and the PDF can all be purchased directly from me using Paypal or similar.  Please order through the ‘Contact’ box.  Thanks!