Black Looks - Including an African LGBTIQ+ Archive

Crea(c)tive Senses, Photography, Queer, Ritual & Offerings

2019: Visual Projects in progress


As a way of exploring queerness and it’s relationship to spirituality and ritual practices and building on previous work, “Altars: Black Queer Spirit Work” will explore how we as black queer subjects engage with spiritual practice and create rituals as a way of formulating meaning; self-determining constructions of freedom and resistance through a constant state of reimagining queer realities.

Signs of God is a series of digital collages in which I articulate the complicity of Christianity in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and the subsequent religious colonization  by various sects of the Christian church that continues on the continent today.   The images used in the creative process are from my own visual archive including most recently photographs made in Ghana and New Orleans.

Ongoing work:  Ways of Dying began in Haiti 2010, explores rituals of dying, death and afterlife in Haiti and New Orleans