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Photo Stories 2019 [2] Mothers and Sons

Stranger Fruits is a series by photographer Jon Henry   created as a response to the killing of African American men by police.

“The series uses the motif of the pietà—a depiction of the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus—as a means to examine a never-ending American tragedy. The pietà as a form captures both the public and private nature of a mother’s suffering; but in Henry’s hands, the pietà also represents what poet Claudia Rankine called the “precariousness” of black life. Though their sons are alive in Henry’s series, these mothers recognize their constant state of precarity and potential for loss—and the “mourning lived in real time” that Rankine says characterizes black motherhood.”

Each photograph is a singular image of  loss and pain happened or that might potentially happen depicting the constant and consistent insecurity of black life in the United States.  Photographs can be viewed here