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Published Work

Published Work

Ekine, Sokari and Hakima Abbas  [Editors] “Queer African Reader” Fahamu/Pambazuka Press, April 2013

Ekine, Sokari “Women’s Responses to Environmental Destruction and State Violence in the Niger Delta” in “Women’s Lives” published by McGraw Hill, November 2012

Manji, Firoze and Sokari Ekine [Editors] “African Awakenings” Pambazuka Press 2011

Bracke,  Sarah, Sokari Ekine, Jin Haritaworn, Jennifer Petzen, and Tamsila Tauqir. 2011. “Queer Anti-racist Activism and Strategies of Critique: A Roundtable Discussion”. In Queer Liabilities of Critique [Special Issue]. Feminist Legal Studies. Vol. 19, Issue 2. 2012

Ekine, Sokari [Editor] “SMS Uprising: Mobile Phone Activism in Africa,”  Pambazuka Press, 2010

Ekine, Sokari ‘Women’s Responses to State Violence in the Niger Delta’ in “African Women Writing Resistance: Contemporary Voices”, University of Wisconsin Press, 2010.

Ekine, Sokari ‘Blogging Guide for Civil Society Groups in Global South’ (Tactical Tech Toolkit) 2007.

Ekine, Sokari ‘Freedom to Abuse: Struggle for Women’s Rights in Africa’ in “Grace Tenacity and Eloquence”, Pambazuka Press 2006.

Ekine, Sokari ‘Gendered Violence in the Niger Delta’, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, 2005.

“Fightback from the Commons”, co-written with Terisa E. Turner, Annie Brisibe,  Leigh Brownwnhill,    Diana Barikor-Wiwa, and Emem J. Okon, 2002.

Ekine, Sokari ‘Blood and Oil: Testimonies of Violence from Women of the Niger Delta’ Published by  Center for Democracy and Development, 2001 –  Research Project with Niger Delta Women for Justice [1999/2000].


Portfolio  including projects in Nigeria and Haiti:

“Niger Delta: Testimonies of Violence” a photo essay on state violence against women of the Niger Delta; ‘Ways of Dying’ a photo essay on the destruction of the main cemetery in Port-au-Prince after the January, 2010 earthquake published in Saraba, a Nigerian literary journal and  Mambu Badu. Other works in progress are a documentary on the environmental damage to river beds in Haiti; “Memwa sakre: – lespri ki lan nou menm” [“Sacred memories: -The spirits within us ] – a visual narrative of Haitian Vodou’ begun in January 2014.  Exhibitions:  “Manifest Destiny’ at the Little Haiti Cultural Center, Miami, Florida.

Forthcoming:  Selected to exhibit at the Berlin BIENNIAL of Fine Art and Documentary Photography, 2016 as a finalist of the 7th Julia Margaret Cameron Award – People, Culture and Daily Life Category

Lectures / Seminars / Workshops

April 2014, ‘Black Folks in Dark Times’, “Criminalization and the denial of citizenship – Beyond Anti-LGBTI legislation” presented at Vanderbilt University

November, 2013, ‘Decolonizing Queer’  presentation on Queer Africa Reader, University of London, Birkbeck College.

April, 2011 Women’s Funding Network “Critique of Social Media in Africa

April, 2010 Republica Berlin “Unpacking the SMS Activism in Africa

February, 2010 University of Kent, Department of Law “Homophobia in Africa”

November, 2009 Center for Policy Development, Lagos, Nigeria, “Use of Mobile Phones for Activism”

October, 2009 SPARCK: Space for PanAfrican Research Creation and Knowledge “WiAiA: Word into Art into Africa” Lagos, Nigeria. Workshop facilitator

October, 2009 Graz International Avant Garde Art Festival [“Steirischer Herbst –] “Niger Delta Women, Violence and Resistance”

March, 2009 InfoActivism, Tactical Tech, Bangalore, India – workshop facilitator

February, 2009, Cambridge University, Centre of African Studies and the Centre of Governance & Human Rights – Panel:  “SMS Uprising: How mobile activism in Africa is changing the public sphere

January, 2009 University Michigan Department of Social Work – keynote speaker “Homophobia is UnAfrican