African Child


Sold into slavery – 200,000

Kidnapped into child killers – 120,000

Abused & Raped – millions

Displaced in the wilderness of refugee camps 1, 000,000 +

We are not just talking of warzones of which there are many. Children are starved, raped, forced to work, beaten in so called peace zones. Those of us in African and the African diaspora need to begin to investigate what is happening with our children but also why it is happening with such frequency and obvious impunity? Why is the African child so disrespected right here in Africa? Take Nigeria for example. Children from impoverished families are used as child domestics where they are treated like shit. Beaten, starved, mentally abused, sexually molested and raped. Out of desperation, poor families “give” their children as domestics with the promise that they will be fed, clothed, schooled and looked after, in other words they will get a better chance at achieving a better life. This seldom happens. Children as young as 7, 8 years old working from 5am until midnight, being beaten for falling asleep. If this was being done by white people we would all be going crazy and screaming all over the place but when its done in our own backyard silence reigns.

Modern Slavery Human Bondage in Africa, Asia and the Dominican Republic

Anti-slavery – today’s fight for tomorrow’s freedom