Black Women Ignore Many of Media’s Beauty Ideals

Black Women Ignore Many of Media’s Beauty Ideals

It seems us Black women not only have better body images than white women but are not so influenced by the media’s push for women to be thin.

So good news – black women are not craving to be white and that style movement and character rate higher than body size.

No so good news – more black women are overweight than white – we need to kick some kilos not for body image but for our good health

Medical support for women who have been circumcised

“170,000 girls and women in this country have undergone genital cutting or are at risk of it. About 140 million girls and women worldwide either have been genitally cut or will have it done, Nour said, citing figures from the World Health Organization.”

Dr Nawal Noor opened THE AFRICAN WOMEN’S HEALTH CENTER a specialist clinic for women who have undergone FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION providing “culturally competant care”.

Last year Dr Noor won a “macArthur genius award in recognition of her work with survivors of FGM. NOW THIS IS A WOMAN THAT DESERVES AND HONOUR AWARD NOT CONDOLEEZZA RICE.