Cheney in firing line over Nigerian bribery claims

The Observer | International | Cheney in firing line over Nigerian bribery claims

An interesting report here on briary allegations between Halliburton and former Nigerian dictator General Sani Abacha. We have always known that successive Nigerian military and civilian leaders and their lackeys have lived off bribes and stolen the wealth of the country. Here we also have the possibility of a US multinational finally being held to account for their part in bribery and corruption in the Nigerian oil industry. Who knows what other possibilities may arise – Shell and Chevron’s dirty deeds being uncovered and of course the part played by Obasanjo during his military regime and also during his present time as the country’s president.

Nigeria has been named in the recent past as the 1st or 2nd most corrupt nation in the world but neither it’s leaders or foreign companies they have dealt with have been brought to account for their actions.