Condaleezza and her Stupid White Men Sullivan Summit Dinner To Honor Dr. Condoleezza Rice And Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Ms Rice being honoured for
"Honored for her courageous leadership and fierce commitment to her ideals and principles, Dr. Rice exemplifies the vision of the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation that draws attention to how success can be achieved by overcoming seemingly insurmountable difficulties."

This Sullivan Foundation – named after some human rights activist who if he really was must be turning in his grave right now –

"continues to promote on behalf of impoverished people through the promotion of the principles of self-help, social responsibility, and human rights in the United States, Africa, Peru, the United Kingdom, and Poland."

NO NO NO NO YOU HAVE THE WRONG PERSON – MS RICE IS REALLY A WTICH THAT sleeps with Stupid White Men – racist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, ignorant, war mongers who most definately do not believe in HUMAN RIGHTS  or any rights unless they are for other Stupid White Men and Black women who love them.

See 6th June for some more Rice