Darfur – road to death – 300,000 may die

“Thousands starving in Dafur”

As usual African is forgotten by its own and by the international community who are totally engrossed in Iraq, Islam and war on terror the cost of which is partly responsble for the failure of donar nations to meet the necessary targets to try and halt the inevitable disaster.

All the usual suspects are involved: US, Israel, Oil and a few other floaters – Egypt, Kenya, Uganda and Chad where many of Darfur’s refugees have fled – all with their own interests and supporting one side or the other. The people of Darfur need help desperately, if you read this please please give what you can

Starvation in Darfur

Protest rally against UN inaction in Darfur

Darfur, Worlds worst humanitarian crises

UN wins aid for Darfur – June 04.”RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK – “It is a race against the clock,” said OCHA chief Jan Egeland. “The biggest human drama anywhere in the world is unfolding in Darfur.”” Why are the media and UN organisations, government using this kind of hyper language. Darfur did not just happen overnight!