Deported prostitutes yearn to return

PM News Lagos

Trafficking in women (and children) from Africa and Asia is a multi-million dollar business. According to this report Nigerian women who have been deported for prostitution from European countries long to return to their respective European bases. This says a lot about the reception and treatment they get when they return home if they would rather go back to life on the streets of western Europe, pimps, racisim, away from family and culture.

Women migrate to escape poverty and have a better way of life. This rarely happens. Women are hired in their home countries for jobs in Europe only to become trapped into prostituion and domestic slavery when they arrive. Barcelona, Malaga, Rome, Amsterdam, Basil, Paris are full of African women living in hovels run by traffickers. Some years ago a friend of mine living in Barcelona met a Nigerian woman dying on the streets . She arranged for immediate help for the young woman despite the Spanish emergency services reluctantancy to help the woman. The woman died 24 hours later. What little my friend could gather was that she was from the Benin area of Nigeria and had been recruited there with offers of a hotel job. She had been working as a domestic slave in Barcelona and had run away at the time she met my friend. The woman was very reluctant to speak and was obviously afraid for her life and afraid of the police. She died alone in Barcleona, I have no figures but I am sure this story is repeated throughout Europe, day in day out.

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