Gender Violence

Peace process often ignores female ex-soldiers

“Girls and women are active combatants in wars across the world, but the international community is failing to recognize that. As a result, the post-conflict needs of female soldiers are not being met.”

Femicide in SA

“A recent study found that one South African woman is killed every six hours by a man she had chosen to spend her life with. In 50% of all solved murders of women in the country, it was found that the perpetrator was an intimate partner.”

Women and Domestic Violence in Gambia

Domestic violence against women has been sanctioned for centuries by our legal systems and many religions.

Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa

The Protocol for the Rights of Women in Africa as it stands now is a piece of paper without any force, points out FAIZA JAMA MOHAMED. Even though the campaign by activists for the text of The Protocol on the Rights of African Women represented a successful model of cooperation among national, regional and international women’s NGOs the rights it represent remain hypothetical until it is ratified.