Granddaddy Rice

let me be honest i cannot stand condoleeza rice even her name irks me.  But I still wonder about some of the stuff I read on the internet about her, who writes it and why?  Yes OK Rumsfield (RumBum) is also at the receiving end of jokes, satire and much deserved critiicism of himself, his approach and his politics. With Ms Rice though, you cannot ignore the fact that she is Black and Female.    How much racism and sexism is involved in the jokes and satire?  . 

Well I am a black woman also so i think i can safely say i can write about her without being either racist or sexist.  (some may not agree but I am confident of that).   Given her background (growing up in Jim Crow south) I cannot begin to understand why she is what she is today – right wing, reactionary, insensitive, damm ignorant and utterly contemptuous of the "other",  and lies down with a bunch of "Stupid White Men"!.  I make this  statement based on reading her speeches and interviews.  As a Black Female I have no pride in the achievements of Dr Rice.

One example that stands out is that apparently she can sleep anywhere  including when flying over the Gaza strip in a helicopter!  You would think as NSA, Dr Rice would want to stay awake and take the opportunity to view the plight of the Palestinian people from the air since she obviously hasnt been able to get it on land. 

OK we are supposed to focus on what she has achieved today not where and how she grew  How she grew up is supposed to be part of what she is today but we will come to that later.  So what has she "achieved"  She was professor of political science at Standford and won all sorts of awards ,(i dread to think what she was teaching her students). Then she was on the board of directors of Chevron who have one of the worst environmental and human rights records both in the US and in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.. She was also on the board of a bunch of other CIA , Jewish (read pro Israel lobby)  and right wing run organisations such as Rand Corp, Charles Schwab, Hoover Institute, and she served under Bush the elder Biography.   

Laura Flanders of The Condi Rice Version of History provides a more interesting insight into Ms Rice and to possible explanations as to why she chooses to lie with "Stupid White Men".  Here’s a quote:

At the Republican National Convention in 2000, speaking in prime time, George W’s foreign policy guru dedicated fully half her precious slot to talk about her father and her grandfather. "My father was the first Republican I knew," said Rice. " father joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow Alabama of 1952 would not register him to vote. The Republicans did. I want you to know that my father has never forgotten that day, and neither have I.(Cheers, applause.)  Her father registered with the Republican party, the party that opposed the Civil Rights Act!

Another quote " Rice has said, but she bristles at any suggestion that she was ever held back on account of her skin color. To hear her tell it, her success was assured, virtually predetermined — not by federal laws or the civil rights movement — but by her family heritage. Her love for the Bushes is a family thing and it goes both ways she added: "George W. Bush would have liked Granddaddy Rice," she gushed to the GOP"

Now you should begin to get the picture and understand Ms Rice a bit better – sounds like the old " we treat our niggers like family"  and "our massa treat us like family" but on a much larger scale.  Flanders ends up with the statement we will never know where she "would" have ended up if there had been no Rosa Parks, no Dr. King, no Southern Christian Leadership Council, no March on Washington and no Congressional and Presidential support for the end of American Apartheid."
   Ms Rice you may be proud of being an African American but this is one Black woman who is not proud of you!

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