My books – Intro

I love books, not all books, but a lot. I like literature, I like poetry, I like so much but I dont much like pulp fiction or the kind of crap you get at the airport or train station like, well I dont even know their names. Sometimes I have bought crap to read on a long plane journey along with as much alcohol as I can manage as I am scared of flying. The only crime writer I like is James Ellroy.

I like to sleep with my books and usually I have a few going at once so I can scatter them all over my bed.

I like to tell people about the books I have read and since I have read so many and since this is a blog I am going to name loads of books. Once I was moving countries and I absolutely had to get rid of some books and that was painful but I did it. I am not going to make a list of books as I may want to talk about them so I will just make occasional posting about books I have read and what I am reading right now.