Nigeria Strikes

Well it seems it is actually going to happen – NIGERIANS ARE GOING ON STRIKE – and about time too.

Union lieaders said there was nothing government could now do, short of immediately slashing prices, to avert a shutdown

There is a possibility that this will turn into a NATIONAL STRIKE the like of which has never been seen in Nigeria. Finally have Nija’s woken up to the exploitation of their governements? have they suddenly realised that they DO HAVE SOME POWER > PEOPLE POWER. Or will they as has previously happened collapse in the face of threats from Obasanjo’s pseudo military regime. Lets see if the dreaded MOPO and army are let loose on the people to cause blood and mayhem as happens in the Niger Delta and elsewhere with frightening regularity. Or will Obasanjo allow people their democratic right to strike and protest against him and his governments oppressive and vindictive policies.

Oil is the bane of the Nigerian people. Whiile it has fed the politians, military rulers, technocrats, petty bueaucracts and multinational oil companies, oil has brought nothing to the people especially those living in the oil producing region of the Niger Delta. There are no hospitals for the people, no drugs or rather masses of counterfiet drugs on the market, children in schools and colleges have to buy everything including the paper they write on. There is no running piped water, electricity and phones still don’t work today. The cities and towns are run down and filthy – Nigeria and Nigerians live in a world like no other.

The government response so far is a bit low key which is as worrying as if it were high key. Considering the strike will cause chaos in Nigeria and will have global implications, there is little in the Nigerian press today except the The Punch today which quotes the PDP as saying the STRIKE IS A DECLARATION OF WAR! Even for Nigerian rhetoric this is a bit OTT.

The police in Lagos have said

We have advised our men not to use firearms, HOWEVER this should not be taken for granted”


“the command was ready to match force with force should anybody or group of people decide to take the law into their own hands

Believe me in Nigeria these warnings are scary stuff.