Shell Report: Niger Delta

Six die in Nigerian oil Delta

An “”official report” confirming SHELL’S responsibility for violence in the Niger Delta. HOWEVER – Shell’s admission falls flat on its face as first they only claim an “indirect” responsibility and secondly they blame the violence on an increase in crime from criminal gangs “siphoning off millions of dollars…” Where the report falls on its face is blaming these so called criminal gangs for the violence in the Niger Delta.

Shell and the Nigerian government have destroyed the eco system, peoples lives, their homes, they have killed people, maimed people, raped women, polluted the soil and the air none of which has nothing to do with bunkering of oil by criminal gangs or anyone else. UNLESS Shell admits to all of the above then anything it says is lies and excuses.

Shell is not abandoning on-shore oil production. The only thing that is changing is its operational practices

“help reduce conflict by changing our operating security and community development practices” IN OTHER WORDS – PRIVATE SECURITY AKA MERCENARIES will be brought in to secure Shell’s operations so we can expect more violence not less. UNLESS Shell completely admits responsbility for destroying the eco system in the Niger Delta and begins to clean up its mess – there will be no peace for the people of the Niger Delta.

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