Testimonies of Women

Testimonies of Women are both acts of resistance and acts of solidarity. The women writing in the Testimonies below are all part of the communities of suffering and resistance that exist throughout the world. Although the testimonies of the women in all of these books cannot reproduce the tears, the sadness and pain that accompanied the words, there is no doubt as to the uncompromising strenth and courage of our sisters wherever they may be.

Irene Staunton, 1990: “Mothers of the Revolution”. Testimonies from women in Zimbabwe who stayed behind to mind the farms, the children, the elderly while their husbands, sons and daughters went off to fight in the war of liberation. The women’s stories tell of a different side of the struggle. Struggles are not fought soley on the battlefield by men, they are fought on the farms and homes by women and children.

Margot Badran and Miriam Cooke (Eds):” Opening the Gates”. Testimonies of life, poetry and short stories by Arab women from across the Arab world.

Victoria Sanford: “Mothers Widows and Guerilleras: Women survivors of the Guatemala civil war between 1978 and 1984”. Here the women speak of the terror and torture of themselves and their families and their search for justice and the disappeared.

Sokari Ekine: “Blood and Oil: Testimonies of Violence from Women of the Niger Delta”. Women from 5 different ethnic nationalities in the oil rich Niger Delta region of South East Nigeria speak to us of the military, corporate and environmental violence that they have borne over the past 13 years.

Nayra Atiya: “Khul-Khaal ” Five Egyptian Women Tell Their Stories Five women aged between 20 and 60 living in Cairo tell their life stories. Stories of life, marriage, children, love, female circumcision and just living. Beautiful women telling beautiful stories.

Nell Druce and Jenny Hammond: “Sweeter Than Honey: Testimonies of Tigrayan Women.” Tigrayan women speak of their lives as farmers, fighters, wives, mothers and survivors in the fight for democracy.

Beverely Bell with forward by Edwidge Danticat, “Walking on Fire: Haitian Women’s Stories of Survival and Resistance.” I havent yet read this one but its number 2 on my must have this summer.