US & Nigeria: New friends on the block

US Command Seeks Closer Security Ties The US European Command Deputy Commander (Charles Wald) is presently on an African tour to discuss Africa’s new strategic place in the “war against terror”. I always put that in quotation marks as I think it is a ridiculous phrase and one used to justify many new human rights abuses. Wald also discussed with the Nigerian Government the possibility of American & Nigerian troops “monitoring the waters of the Gulf of Guinea.

The US has clearly singled out Nigeria as a strategic ally in it’s new relationship with Africa and is openly courting Obasanjo as its number one African buddy. The only other possible contender, Thabo Mbeki, is for the moment not in the running possibly due to his stance on HIV/AIDS, the Iraq war and Israel. This is very worrying for the people of Nigeria particularly if Wole Soyinka’s theory about Nigeria imploding should actually happen. Once the US has committed itself to Nigeria as a major strategic ally then it will of course do everything to maintain the status quo in the country including safeguarding for itself, Nigeria’s resources. Nigeria is also being courted so that it can act as the US’s agent in policing the world by policing Africa. In return, Obasanjo will feel even more able to continue to abuse the rights of Nigerian citizens who disagree with his policies and particularly the people of the Niger Delta who are seeking a more equitable distribution of oil revenue in their favours.