Corruption Perception Index

Once again Nigeria has been placed in the top 3 most corrupt countries. The survey, Corruptions Perceptions Index, conducted by Transparency International “drew particular attention to the corrupting effect that vast oil revenues have had on Nigeria and on a dozen more oil-exporting countries in the bottom half of the honesty league”.

The Nigeria government has responded with anger branding the survey as

“fundamentally flawed, irrelevant and of little use to reforming countries or those interested in a genuine war against corruption”.

“It has consistently used these dubious paradigms to gain world acclaim, while destroying the reputations of nations and impugning their efforts at enthroning good governance,”

There is no doubt in my mind that corruption and oil production go hand in hand. Nor do I have s problem with the placement of Nigeria in the top 3 as the country is most definately very corrupt but I do believe that the present government has made some effort to deal with the problem. I would be interested to know more about how the survey is conducted and what exactly is the point of the survey and in that I completely agree with the response of the Nigerian government. Even the name of the survey “corruption perception index”, what does that mean exactly. Perception is not necessarily reality.