Baby factory in Nigeria

A baby producing factory has been discovered in Enugu State, eastern Nigeria.  In a poorly ventilated room ,

13 girls, many of them teenagers, at different stages of pregnancy, were found cramped like sardines in the small, squalid ambience.

We consider this callous, barbaric and savagely. The matter is made even more perplexing against the backdrop that it was being supervised by a medical doctor.

Previously factories have been discovered in Onitisha, Owerri and Enugu.  The children are sold to childless couples or "any other prospective buyer".

I have asked colleagues in Nigeria to try and find out more about this and other cases of child abuse and gender violence and will post when I have a response.

UNICEF have (for what it is worth) published yet another report "Childhood Under Threat – The State of the World’s Children, 2005".