Back street abortion in Africa

A survey by the Ministry of Health in Gabon has found that 1 in 4 pregnant women die from Illegal backstreet abortions. Another survey found that teenage girls accounted for 27% of the total. According to IRIN News 4 million unsafe abortions occur every year.  In Gabon and in Kenya, there has been cases of foetuses being found dumped in rubbish bins and  by the side of the road.

Thousands of other women survive, but many are left with injuries and disabilities such as uterine perforation, chronic pelvic pain and secondary infertility, the surveys said

Nearly half the 70,000 global deaths due to unsafe abortions occur in Africa. Three probable reasons – the young age of most of the girls, poverty, the restrictive abortion laws in many African countries, the powerful Christian church in Africa and patriarchy.  In many countries even in cases of rape and insist, abortion is illegal.  The African church is particularly strong in it’s opposition.  They have found support from the US which bans US funding to charities which either perform or promote abortion for family planning.