Bring me the head of Kofi Annan

Dr Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem – an excellent article in DEFENCE OF KOFI ANNAN

Abdul-Raheem questions the motives behind the recent attacks against Kofi Annan in the US media and by the US government.   The attacks have come as a result of the US investigation into the "Iraqi oil for food" programme and the allegations include corruption, fraudulent contracts and a whole range of dodgy activities by individuals and companies most of which are western.

Abdul-Raheem makes the point that the allegations are not "earth shattering" especially given the US handling of the Iraqi economy and oil production not to speak of the behaviour of US companies such as Halliburton and VP Dick Cheney.   He asks why the US is so interested in the oil for food programme whilst "not allowing any censure of it’s own illegal activities in that country?" Why is it the US asks and expects others to be accountable but refuses to be accountable itself.  Unlike the rest of the world, the US has "given itself the power to act as global law enforcer but exempts itself from the International Criminal Court."   The double standards of the US extend to it’s calling for the resignation of Kofi Annan because of allegations of corruptness against his son (which have not been proved) and the fact that   it was "under his watch" (another American cowboy expression that seems to have now become part and parcel of the English language) that all these allegations happened.   

However nobody is demanding Bush resign for allowing 9/11 to happen whilst he was reading story books to children.  (my own words). In fact as Abdul-Raheem points out, no one has resigned over 9/11 at all. He also raises the issue of the Bush family’s relationship to the Bin Laden’s which again doesn’t seem to have bothered the US voters who like their president are very selective in what they choose and choose not to acknowledge.

So why do they want Kofi Annan’s head? Abdul-Raheem believes there are similarities between Kofi Annan and his predecessor Boutros Boutros-Ghali.   Annan like Boutros-Ghali started of as a friend of the US but both of them  became disillusioned when they discovered that their own personal credibility was at state.  In fact at the time when Boutro-Ghail’s head was being prepared for the hangman, Annan was playing poodle to the US.   The love affair between master and servant ended when Annan   declared the war in Iraq illegal thereby  set in motion his own execution. 

Abdul-Raheem however doesn’t let Annan off the hook calling his inaction over the genocide in Rwanda the biggest stain in his career and for which he has been trying to atone for since. Nevertheless he concludes that we should all stand up and defend Annan and the UN

"because those calling for his head and bashing the UN are more dangerous to our world.   It is not an endorsement of all Annan and the UN did or did not do but an expression of hope that together the whole world can make the UN be of better service to humanity.  It is a delcaration of a fact that is definately lost on Bush and his gangsters that the US does not own this world."

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