British Judges rule that indefinite detention without trial is unlawful

Following Home Secretary, David Blunkett’s, resignation, yesterday the Law Lords have ruled that detaining foreign terror suspects in jail without trial indefinitely is illegal and a violation of their human rights under the European Convention on human rights.   12 suspects have been held for 3 years despite insufficient evidence to prove anything against them.   The government’s justification is that "we are at war".  I would say that the constant reference to being "at war" and "the war on terror" is simply fear mongering and media hype for political gain and an excuse for regaining control over civil society. 

"The real threat to  the life of the nation, in the sense of a people living in accordance with its traditional laws and political values, comes not from terrorism but from laws such as these"  Lord Hoffman

"Indefinite imprisonment… on grounds not disclosed, is the stuff of nightmares, associated whether accurately or inaccurately with… Soviet Russia in the Stalinist era and now with the UK"  Lord Scott

"It is not for the executive to decide who is locked up for any length of time, let alone indefinitely.   Only the courts can do that….Executive detention is the antithesis of the right to liberty".  Lady Hale  Guardian

So some pretty strong stuff from these eminent Judges.

Despite the Law Lords ruling, the government is refusing to release the detainees thus provoking a constitutional crisis within the British government.

David Blunkett’s resignation followed an enquiry into allegations that he had abused his political position to fast track the visa application for the nanny of his former lover. 

Some of Blunkett’s draconian policies were his plan to abolish the right to trial by jury; pushing through legislation for an ID scheme against opposition from his own colleagues and the majority of voters; the anti-terror legislation – the right to intern suspects without trial; the encouraging xenophobia through his policy on asylum seekers.  Good Riddance Mr Blunkett.  Independent