In the blogosphere

I discovered a great blog this week.   The Kenyan Democracy Project  A hard hitting blog by a Kenyan activist.   S/he intergrates photos with text to produce some very powerful imagery.   This post "Mr President: Be careful what you ask for" is a direct challenge to the President and his party to think twice before trying to impose "his" constitution on the people.  Excellent.

Ambiguous Adventure gives us a list of  this years "End of year book lists" .  Many of the books are by African writers or related to Africans.

The Head Heeb has an interesting post on "Settlement projects within nations".  Apparently there are at least "9 settlement projects" in existence today, 4 of which are in Africa.
His criteria for selecting these 9 is

are that the territory being settled (1) must have been obtained or
held via military force, (2) must have an active local nationalist
movement, and (3) must have had its right to self-determination
recognized by at least one foreign country either before or after its

The only thing I don’t understand is why he is calling them "settlement projects" rather than "occupied territories" or countries as in the case of the Western Sahara.