Truth and Reconciliation in Morocco

An Equity and Reconciliation Commission has been created in Morocco to investigate human rights abuses between 1956 and 1999. The period covers independence from France and the brutal rule of late King Hassan. 

However participants in the  ERC are not allowed to name individuals responsible for human rights abuses including torture.   Whilst there is clearly a benefit for participants in being able to speak in  public about the abuses they suffered it is very disappointing  that those who committed the abuses, some of who still hold positions of power in the government and the military, will remain unpunished.

The ERC will not however, address the continuous human rights abuses committed against the Saharawi  whose country, Western Sahara,  is still under Moroccan occupation.  Those who remain in the occupied territories face daily intimidation from the Moroccan authorities.  The Saharawi government in exile and the majority of people have lived in 4 refugee camps in southern Algeria for the past 27 years.  For more on the Western Sahara and the Saharawi people – Western Sahara – Sahara Occidental

"Stolen Lives – Twenty Years in a Desert Jail" by  Malika Oukir  is a compelling and tragic story of a whole family imprisoned by King Hassan for 20 years.