Zimbabwe consolidates repression

Zimbabwe brought into law the NGO Act.  The Act 

specifically targets organizations that "promote and protect human rights". The
Act also gives the government sweeping powers to interfere with the operations
of any NGO in Zimbabwe through a government-appointed NGO Council. Under the
Act, Zimbabwean NGOs are prohibited from receiving any foreign funding to engage
in human rights work.

other repressive laws recently enacted in Zimbabwe that violate human rights:
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Act,
the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act
the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act
the Public Order and Safety Act

Freedom of association, freedom of information and freedom of assembly have all been banned and in doing so Mugabe has consolidated his dictatorship, effectively reduced any chance of opposing his policies, silenced the people of Zimbabwe and with the NGO act left them vulnerable under his rule.   NGO Act – Amnesty Int  Zimbabwe approves NGO Act – Afrol News