Human rights activist murdered in DRC

Just 10 days  ago in Uganda, human rights activist and lesbian, Victor Mukassa was violated and detained by police who broke into her home without a search warrant and violated her house guest.  She is now hiding for her life moving from place to place. 

In the early hours of Sunday morning,  human rights activist, Pascal Kabungulu was assassinated in his home in Bukavu, eastern Congo.   We are thus reminded of the danger of working for human rights in some parts of the world.   

I don’t suppose many people know who Pascal Kabungulu outside the DRC.  He was one of those people who worked tirelessly for human rights in one of the most violent places in the world and he did his work quietly and efficiently.   Pascal Kabungulu Kibembi was the Secretary-General of Héritiers de la Justice (Heirs of Justice), and the Vice-President of the regional   Ligue des
Droits de l’Homme dans la Région des Grands Lacs (The league of Human Rights in the Great Lakes Region). 

In the early hours of Sunday

Three armed men in uniform broke into his house, dragged him out of his
bedroom and shot him in front of his family. Family members reported
that just before his execution the attackers said, “We were looking for
you and today is the day of your death.” The men stole Mr. Kabungulu’s
laptop, a TV and a tape recorder.

Heirs of Justice  was created in 1991 and had documented human rights abuses particularly in the eastern Congo but throughout the Great Lakes Region.  Much of their work is at grassroots level working with small communities in the area of human rights and promoting peace.

On Saturday  John Garang was killed in a plane crash.