One in Nine

One in Nine is newly formed campaign centered around the support of Khwezi (not her real name), the woman who filed a rape charge against Jacob Zuma.

the campaign is to ensure that the courage and action of Khwezi, the woman who has filed a rape charge against the former Deputy President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, is affirmed and supported through direct action, the mass media and through strengthening the level of debate and analysis in society of the gender dimensions of the case.

The aim of the campaign is a call to action on sexual violence against women in South Africa where only one in every nine cases of rape is reported.  Where according to POWA (People Opposing Women Abuse) a woman is raped every 26 seconds. Some of the actions people can do are:

# Discussing and sharing information on this case and sexual violence generally
# Becoming informed and informing others about sexual rights and their place in confronting the crises of sexual violence in this country
# Adding your voice to the call for legal reform to the Sexual Offences Act

Although the campaign is presently limited to South Africa I would hope that eventually it will be taken up by human rights defenders in other countries on the continent. All of the three direct actions listed above could apply anywhere and anyone can take it upon themselves to do something.

The actions themselves can also be extended to for example  verbal sexual abuse and use of misogynist language on the Internet and particularly in the blogosphere – language like that used by supporters of Zuma outside the court "burn this bitch" and these were women speaking. By all means support Jacob Zuma if you believe he is innocent but why use this kind of hate language?  The caption

Most importantly, when a woman is raped and she finds the courage to speak out, SUPPORT HER!

can be applied to any form of assault  against women, either in the cyber world or non-cyber world.