Hao Wu – Update

HaowuframeHao Wu is a Chinese documentary film maker and was Global Voices regional editor for China until he was detained by the Chinese police on February 22nd.   Hao Wu has now been incarcerated without any charges for 55 days and still has not been given access to a lawyer.

His sister, Nina Wu, who prior to his arrest was now aware of the depth of Chinese censorship,  has started to blog about her brothers arrest and detention – translations can be read at FreeHaoWu.org. RConversations has more on Wu’s detention and a similar experience by recently freed AIDS activist Hu Jia.  Ethan Zuckerman has also written extensively explaining Hao Wu’s situation

In her latest post, day 51,  Nina Wu writes:

"Last Wednesday the nameless police officer that I met warned me to
“follow legal channels” to solve the problem. I don’t know where my
current actions have overstepped the rights granted me by law. The
materials I’ve delivered to each bureau have disappeared like stones
into the sea. The receptionists of corresponding work units shift
responsibility onto one another. As an ordinary Chinese person, it is
depressing. Although the provisions of relevant laws and regulations
set the rights of suspects, when you actually do things according to
law you discover that you are facing a black hole. Don’t hope for any
response. Can you sue them for “negligence”? Can you sue them for
knowing the law but not implementing it? The result is that perhaps
they investigate themselves, judge themselves, and it ends there. Sigh.
There is law, but it is hard to rely on."

This is happening in China but we know fully well that ordinary citizens  in countries throughout  the world, including Africa are in danger of being incarcerated without charges, tortured and refused legal representation for speaking out against social injustice, human rights violations and political repression.  SUPPORT  the Free Hao Wu campaign by signing the petition here and joining the letter writing campaign.  Spread the word by posting a Free Hao Wu badge on your blog.