Have been reading the excellent journal Chimurenga # 8 “We’re all Nigerians” for at least a month – short stories, commentary, biography, poems and photo essays. The book is falling apart and dog eared from me carrying it around, getting rumpled somewhere in my bed and used as a pillow in the park.

In “Remembering Biafra” Olu Oguibe writes

And Where
Is that accent from?
He asked politely.
Biafra I replied.
That’s where I’m from.
Biafra, he repeated
And pondered for awhile
I’m sure I’ve heard
Of that nation before.
It’s not a nation
Sir, I corrected
Only a notion
In the imagination.
Well, he replied
After much thought
There are no nations
Only the imagination.
The mirror is a window.
It offers a glimpse
Of where we’re from
But cannot return.
We’re all travellers
On this endless road
Condemned to roam
Without repose

Oguibe “Conversation” 2002

Yes nations are only notions in our imagination, notions that lead to blood, death and exile. Nations with laws that kill and create illegal people – the world is full of illegal people. Illegal immigrants, illegal homosexuals, illegal sex workers, illegal children. People who do not exist in the imagination of law makers, religious zealots of some strike you down and go to hell god, goverment leaders over fed but still starving for power, arrogant commentators who are blind in one eye and cannot see themselves in the mirror of life and what it might have been, could be. We are people passing from one road to the next jumping through the obstacles of life but have the choice to survive and choosing it against nothingness. So if you should one day open your eyes and ears and you should hear me crying or screaming, do not be decieved into thinking this is the weakness of a “victim”. If one day I should ask for your help, do not be decieved into thinking I am powerless. It is a call to humanity that I am here and I am surviving.