Black Americans & African Citizenship?

The African Union is proposing to give full citizenship to Black Americans in 2008. The concept has been under discussion for the past 4 years. The proposal was again discussed last year in Abuja at the 7th Leon H. Sullivan Summit and so far 12 countries have agreed to participate including Nigeria.

Hope Masters, daughter of the late Reverend Leon H. Sullivan [a US civil rights campaigner who struggled to get black Americans to share their wealth and experience with Africa] whom the Summit is named after, said: “Just as the people of different races in America have a place they call home, I believe we should just have a place we call our ancestral home.”

Masters insisted that key challenges included determining the specific ancestral homelands of black Americans as so many were left without even a basic knowledge of their place of origins or native languages.

The Leon H Sullivan Summit was attended by a number of prominent African American business leaders with the aim of encouraging Black investment in Africa. It was attended by leaders such as Andrew Young who was instrumental in creating Obasanjo’s library – BL – “loads of $$$$$$$$$$”

Can you imagine the discussion. Andrew Young who handed in his civil rights badge in exchange for coporate slime ball, liar and to quote Dixon “whore” (dont like the word but in this context and meaning it works “A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain”.) Andy the slime ball sees $$$$$$ loads o money: – Nigeria prime target to advise on how to be steal US style rushes over to Aso Rock with this great idea. Seggs laps it up and whoopie 50 million naira in donations on the first day! Guess who is there? Yes Chevron. Chevron & Texaco. Apparently the library has now received billions in donations from local and foreign investors in Nigeria. (supposedly the whole affair is under investigation but so far nothing has materialised) Remembering that these deals are always two way affairs. Mr sell out Andrew Young now represents Nigeria’s interests in the US – and here he is with Mr VP – caption suggestions welcome

From what I have read the scheme was the idea of the Black American business community along with Obasanjo and some other African leaders so it is not necessarily about reconciliation and recognition of our ancestors who were stolen from their land and brutalised by the trans Atlantic slave trade but about $$$$$$$$$$. Nonetheless $$$ and cynicism aside I fully support the idea of giving Black Americans citizenship from an African country of their choice. But if Black Americans are to be offered dual citizenship then so too must Black British, Caribbeans, Haitians and all the Black descendants of slavery in Central and South America be included in the scheme – noting that the majority of Black descendants outside the US, UK and the Caribbean are the poorest of the poor, the dispossessed peoples . Are governments such as Nigeria and Tanzania going to give them citizenship too or is the scheme just for wealthy and middle class Black Americans.

Links: Petition: Support Dual Citizenship for African Americans in Africa

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