Quick Links – Black History

*Diaspora Radio Network

As part of Black history month celebrations, Jean Jabouin, Betty Sylvestre and Steve Robinson discuss Nigeria and its connections to the Black Diaspora.


Site of Black popular culture and history in the UK – click on media for a short video on the history of the Black Welsh in Britain – “ButeTown” in Tiger Bay.

Malcolm X on Zionism

Interesting to note that little has changed since he made this speech in 1964

*King Leopolds Ghost

King Leopold II of Belgium “genocidal plunder” of the Congo by Adam Horchschild is published online.

*Black History 4 Schools

Excellent project on Black history and not just for schools

I Love Jimi

Every you ever wanted to know about Jimi Hendrix.

*The Second Slavery Ship

Hakeem Babalola tries to answer some questions on Africa

Why did they murder my grandmother for being an oracle who was benevolent to her society? Who killed Fela Anikulapo-Kuti? What killed Bob Marley? What prevents African intellectuals like Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Ali Mazrui etc, from living permanently in their continent? Why do African rulers siphon money and, or prefer to die in white woman land? Is it because they have — at one time or another — aboard the Second Slavery Ship?