Abolition: farce, sham, shame –


All was solemn at the slavery service in Westminster Abbey … until a bright-shirted demonstrator let loose………….,

Toyin Agbetu from Ligali disruppted the event shouting for the Queen to apologise properly and calling for all Chrisitans and Africans to leave”

“You should be ashamed. We should not be here. This is an insult to us. I want all the Christians who are Africans to walk out of here with me!”

Judging from the majority of comments over at Pickled Politics and Ryan on this blog, there is a never ending list of why No Apology Necessary, mostly idiotic throwaway comments – so to TOYIN AGBETU a big THANK YOU and an even bigger THANK YOU for making it in one of the Shrines of British Establishment.

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