If they came back today

If they came back today
With promises of citizenship, we would curse our leaders if they rejected them
We would strike them down
And with those same hands embrace the vine that squeezes us
For is our lifeblood not nearly spent?
Let them squeeze! It will be nothing new

If they came back today
We would ask where are the ships
You can’t just stay here
Take us with you!
And we would swear that it has nothing to do with identity
Only a question of what we are to eat

If they came back today
With a new currency to replace the shredded bits of paper we delude ourselves with
We would lock up the voices of “independence”
And convince ourselves of the economic gains this dark land would make
If we whitewashed it a little
Think for a second

About what we would see if they came back today
Greed, arrogance, power
Theirs and ours merging until we are indistinguishable
And it becomes justified for them to stay
So we would say let them come!
For we are a proud race with a glorious past

And I ask what we would do if they came back today
Because they told me that they have gone…