My sista friend Busi!

Yesterday my dear sweet friend Busi died. She was 25, a survivor or rape, HIV+ with diabetes and other complications. This photo was taken by me on the 18th February 2007 – one of those happy days of just hanging out with friends – I love this photo cause she looks so happy and so strong!

Photo of Busi © Sokari Ekine

I first met Busi last October when I came to South Africa and helped her start her blog “My Realities”. She was so happy – she tried so hard. I talked to her most days and on the 4th I took her a desk top computer that another friend of mine had given to her. Again she was happy. We were supposed to meet on Saturday at the LGBTI fest but she phoned to say she couldnt make and I said no worries I will see you when I get back from Durban. Busi had a job – working nights from 10pm to 7am. She was exhausted. Her CD count had dropped again to just over 200. It was hard for her but she tried. She was so tired from the night work. The last text I got from Busi was on Sunday at 16.56

“8 things God does in Ps107. He Redeems. He Gathers. He Delivers. He Leads. He Satisfies. He Saves. He Heals. He Blesses. May he continue 2 shower u wit his glorious love ! Hope u having a gudday & have a safe one 2 Durban. Love”

We do not know what happened – . maybe she got her diabetes medication mixed up or because she was so tired she forgot to take it. Right now we dont know. . She died due to her diabetes – I dont really understand but she passed out because her sugar levels were too high or something. I only wish I was in Joburg – being here in Durban and all the things I had planned no longer mean very much. Dear Busi – she was also happy because she was having a story published, she had so much to live for despite her illness and pain. Her funeral is on Saturday.


Busi’s Story