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This is Zimbabwe presents a photo essay of the arrest of Mogan Tsvangirai and writes a list of atrocities committed by the government.

“Gift Tandere murdered by the police; MDC faction leader beaten and seriously injured; Activists shot while attending a vigil; Arrests continuing two days after the rally; Police searching for ’subversive material’; Evidence of widespread use of torture against high profile civil rights activists; Senior opposition figures ‘missing; Denial of legal representation; Ongoing police intimidation of civilians in Highfields, including possible use of violence; Scores of activists arrested.”

The Radical Soldier of Zimbabwe questions why Britain has not invaded Zimbabwe and calls the British policy towards Zimbabwe hypocrtical.

Europe intervened in the Balkans and the “coalition of the willing” did a job in Iraq, but nobody seems to care about Zimbabwe.
Britain, in my view, has more legal grounds to invade Zimbabwe than it did Iraq. Britain was the former colonial power in Rhodesia and negotiated the Lancaster House Agreement. The agreement is actually worth reading. It sets out the principles under which democratic Zimbabwe should have been governed, and was in fact
governed for the first few years. Mugabe has clearly violated the agreement. He has breached conditions including white representation in parliament, independence of the judiciary, citizenship and payment of pensions.

Enough is Enough reports that all of the 48 activists who were injured by the police were kept waiting for medical attention.

“Silence gripped the courtroom as the 46 arrested activists found their place among the chairs. It looked more of a hospital ward that a courtroom. In fact, the whole bruised lot deserved to be in hospital and not in a courtroom. ….Those who were seriously injured included Tsvangirai, the National Constitutional Assembly chairman Lovemore Madhuku, the MDC’s deputy national treasurer, Elton Mangoma and deputy secretary for international affairs Grace Kwinje.“

Final Push “>Final Push has a report from SABC on how the Zimbabwean government justifies it’s violent actions against opposition leaders – Nathan Shamuyarira, secretary for information and publicity Zanu (PF), says Morgan Tsvangirai, has been “asking for trouble for a long time”

“Tsvangirai has been provoking violence in urban townships. “If you ask for that kind of trouble you’ll get it,” he said, referring to Tsvangirai. Morning Live’s Vuyo Mbuli asked: “Was Tsvangirai beaten because he asked for it?” and Shamuyarira replied, “Yes he asked for it!”…………The Zanu (PF) representative maintains that the meeting held on Sunday was unlawful and all the people who attended it ignored government’s call to ban mass meetings. He says all meetings, including those of the ruling party, have been barred. “The MDC is always playing to the gallery of the international community. They want to demonstrate to Britain and America that there is violation of human rights in Zimbabwe. So they provoke action with the purpose of impressing their overseas bosses.”

David Coltart comments on the illegality of preventing the opposition in Zimbabwe to hold political rallies and speak out against the government.

“It is important to recall that the opposition has a demonstrable record in the last 7 years of holding peaceful political rallies, and the church even more so. It is Zanu PF that has a record of violence. Accordingly the police general ban on political meetings for 3 months is unjustifiable in the first place…..However the general ban on all political meetings throughout Zimbabwe is also unlawful. As bad as POSA is, it does not allow the police to issue widespread banning orders as it has sought to do. Notwithstanding the provisions of POSA, the Zimbabwean Constitution is quite clear regarding the right that Zimbabweans have to demonstrate peaceably. POSA is clear that the police are obliged to consider each case on its merits and it cannot lightly disregard the fundamental right contained in the Constitution for people to demonstrate and meet peaceably. What the police have in effect done is issue a general ban reminiscent of the State of Emergency which ended in 1990. There is no declared State of Emergency and to that extent the police have acted completely unlawfully in purporting to issue a general ban as they have done.”

Cry Beloved Zimbabwe comments on the what he sees as the complicity of the South African government in the violence commited by Mugabe against the Zimbabwean people….

“The fact that South Africans cannot see nothing wrong even with surmounting evidence that MDC leaders have been tortured in custody means two things, they are complicit with the human rights abuses in Zimbabwe and they are also heading the same way. Mandela once said it “the greatest question one has to ask is what did I do to help another human being in need” when he was invited to the British Labour Party in 2000 South Africans are intellectually challenged its no secret, most of them South African politicians waffle, there is little substance to what they say, most of the times its not their waffle which surprises me but the amount of waffle they are capable of producing. While the whole world over condemns the unlawful arrest, detention and torture of Zimbabwean political figures such MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai”

South Africa writes an open letter to President Mbeki criticising the South African government’s lack of action against Mugabe’s violence.

“[we] have watched as people much more powerful than ourselves foundered against the rocks of seeming governmental cynicism and stubbornness……..This week’s news of protesters being met with teargas, beatings and live ammunition is just the latest chapter in Zimbabwe’s sad decay. The fact that these events have a similar precedent in our own country is a sad indictment of our government’s efforts to find a solution to the problem. The ghosts of another time when people in places like Sharpeville rose up to demand their voices be heard only to be met by a ruthless police is a reminder to those who would forget of the similar paths we walk.”

Kubatana Net publishes more photographs for the carnage from last week.