Death of an illegal alien

A young Nigerian bound and gagged by the Spanish authorities died on an Iberia flight to Lagos. The young man, Osamuyia Aikpitanhi was one of 3 aliens on the plane. This year alone Spain has deported 23,000 illegal aliens (BFP’s excellent term).

Nigerian Village Square
is organising a protest campaign against the “horrible and dehumanizing” treatment and ultimate death of Aikpitanhi.

In a bid to deport Mr. Aikpitanhi from Spain to Nigeria , We understand that Spanish law enforcement agents employed measures that were unreasonable, inhumane, illegal, and, ultimately, fatal. According to reports, Spanish law enforcement agents arrested Mr. Aikpitanhi, beat him, bound his hands and legs firmly with ropes, and put a gag over his mouth. The Spanish Officials then loaded him like an animal onto an Iberia aircraft bound for Lagos , Nigeria . Finally, the law enforcement agents covered him with a sack in order to prevent other passengers traveling on the aircraft from observing the undignified and inhumane manner in which Mr. Aikpitanhi was restrained. Mr. Aikpitanhi, a human being, was treated worse than an animal.

Shortly after the aircraft became air borne, Mr. Aikpitanhi died. He died an inhuman death, bound, gagged and soiled in his own waste. Apparently, he choked on the gag that the law enforcement agents had put on him. The Spanish law enforcment agents murdered Mr. Aikpitanhi.

To Sign the petition visit Nigerian Village Square “Letter of Protest”

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From Mas Voces (Spanish Social Justice site)