Live death, hypocrisy and progressive mobiles

Student to professor

Did you hear about the pollution caused by the recent live earth concerts? Apparently it will take something like 100,000 trees to undo the emissions produced. The irony would be hilarious if it weren’t killing us.

Professor to anyone on blog

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And so, those struggling against pollution and exploitation and so on cannot prioritize concerns of personal purity or hypocrisy over concerns with concrete progressive outcomes except at the cost of those outcomes, while those who benefit from pollution and exploitation will always be tempted to prioritize questions of the appearance of hypocrisy precisely to maintain the outcome of incumbent privilege, whatever the costs.

Seriously he does have a point and I do like this blog because, despite making me feel intellectually challenged, there is always a little gem somewhere and here’s one for today: Open Moko – Open Source Mobile Phone. Here’s hoping it’s earth friendly and yes “how the hell are they supposed to get there?”.

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